Begging for life

Dorkas had a bad weekend and became more ill. I was hoping she would improve with tuberculosis medicine but she continues to need intensive care support.

This morning, I recommended that she have a biopsy of her lymph node and that we try a new medication. As I was describing the biopsy to the parents, her father just shook his head and said “OK, if that is what we need to do, we will do it. Thank you”.

Moments later, the mother began to cry and softly whispered “can you please help us? We have no money. When my husband tells you that he returns home for money, he is not telling the truth. He goes to the street and begs for support. He is ashamed to tell you that he cannot pay for her care.”

The father silently sat next to us, blankly staring at the ground. Tears began to roll down his face and he muttered “I’m sorry. I just want my daughter to live.”


One Response to “Begging for life”

  1. Alison Says:

    Chris, I would like to help this family, what can I do?

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