Homeless child

We recently had a child born with a complex set of malformations called VACTERL. Among her many problems, she had no anus and a hole in her heart. Her family was extremely poor and lived four hours away in a very rural community.

When I first met the mother, I described our likely course of action. We would do surgery immediately and then observe her for a week or so.

The following morning, as we were preparing the child for the operating room, I was informed that the mother was missing. She was not in her room and nobody had seen her for hours. We scoured the hospital.

We later learned that she had left the child and returned home (to an unknown location).

We immediately called the hospital pastor and he spoke with the mayor of Goma. Within 30 minutes, we all decided that the child needed urgent surgical care to survive. The hospital would cover the medical bills and the mayor would sign the consent forms.


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