Work in the time of Cholera

I am normally fairly relaxed when it comes to personal health. Lisa and I work around patients with various infectious diseases on a daily basis and I never worry about getting sick. If it happens, it happens.

Well, this week was a little different. After seeing the patient with cholera, I have been slightly anxious that we would catch the diarrheal disease. I monitor my symptoms carefully and each time Lisa has a stomach cramp or goes to the bathroom, I start planning our evacuation strategy.

In reality, if either of us became ill from cholera, the chances of us dying are slim to none with good medical care. Even though I understand the medical facts, I still worry a little.


One Response to “Work in the time of Cholera”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    I worry about that all time when it comes to the stuff you both do!

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