Last fall I gave a lecture on congenital heart disease. Halfway through the lecture I noticed a man in the front row sleeping. I had not seen him before and assumed he was a student.

When I finished a rather simple introduction to a common defect (PDA), I paused, looked at the slumbering audience member and asked “how do you think this presents?”

He woke-up quickly, looked around and then stated “oh, um, I’m not sure of the answer”. I laughed, politely said his sleeping was distracting and moved on.

I did not see him again during that trip.

Fast forward 10 months. I now work with the same man on a daily basis. Not only did I not know he was the senior internal medicine doctor, but he is also a cardiologist trained in Europe.

Oh well. We now have a fantastic working relationship and neither of us have mentioned the rather embarrassing moment.


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