Where’s the party

Over the past few weeks, there have been two afternoon medical staff parties. One was at our house and the other was hosted by an obstetrician. They both had excellent attendance and were filled with lively conversations.

At the events, I noticed two interesting potential trends.

1) No standing. Each person needs a chair and should be sitting. One student came a little late to our fiesta and stood at the door.

I asked, “what can I get you to drink?”

He responded, “I need a chair.”

Unfortunately I did not understand the tradition at the time and said “I’m sorry we have no more… what would you like for a beverage?”

He responded, “just a chair”.

We then went to the apartment next door and found a spare.

2) When the party is over, it’s over. There is no loitering. For both parties, approximately two hours after beginning, one person stood, said goodbye and left. Immediately, everyone filed out in an orderly fashion.


One Response to “Where’s the party”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    Heh, I use a chair myself, frequenly. And like your party-goer, I prefer to drink seated. Its a good tradition!

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