The cat is out of the bag

I am creating a documentary here in Goma. I have not told many because I was afraid the project would fail, but for the past two months, filming has been great.

My team is small. Just two of us. The cameraman, Sly, and I meet each evening and plan our shots and write our interview questions. We are following three subjects on their journeys through violence, poverty and health.

Sly was a great addition to the team, but he can be a bit careless with his life. He has been physically assaulted on three occasions, once requiring hospitalization. Last week, while on assignment in the countryside, a group of rebels ran his motorcycle over with a large truck. When he asked for compensation, they made it clear he should walk away with his destroyed vehicle or he would be shot.

Each time I tell him “you REALLY need to be careful”.

He always responds “I know…..But I got a great shot!”


One Response to “The cat is out of the bag”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Wow! Good luck buddy!

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