On  Aug 9th and 17th I told you about David, the young boy who survived a brain infection. He waited for more than a month for his family to pay his hospital bill. He slept on the floor and just wandered around the hospital for weeks. This week he left the hospital.

On Aug 20th, 30th and Sept 17th I told you about Beni Chris. He is still in Kigali receiving care. He has been in and out of the intensive care unit, but now he appears to be stable.

On Sept 7th I told you about an ICU nurse that was causing problems. Lately she has been very helpful and has caused no further trouble.

On Sept 12th and 22nd I told you about Tumani, a neonate with seizures and low sodium levels. We finally got his convulsions under control and he was discharged yesterday.

On Sept 18th and 23rd I told you about Christiana. After taking her to Kigali and getting an ultrasound of her heart, we returned to Goma. We found a potential donor for her surgery and were beginning to make arrangements to send her to India. She became stable and was discharged home.

One week after discharge, she began to have another cyanotic episode at 11PM. Her mother could not find transportation to the hospital, so she carried her on her shoulder, wandering through the dark roads for 3 hours. When she arrived at the hospital, Christiana was dead.

The last picture of Christiana


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