Into the heart

This week I was asked to travel to the countryside and lead a two day seminar on neonatal resuscitation. At 7AM on Tuesday morning, we began to traverse the bumpy dirt road to the north. Just before noon, we arrived in the small village of Kabizo.

When we pulled into the health facility, I was astonished at the beauty of the surroundings. There were rolling, green, terraced hills set against a crystal blue sky. Children played, women harvested, men chopped, goats grazed, lizards scurried, monkeys swung, baboons groomed….. and I sat and watched.

For the first time in all of my travels, I felt I was in the heart of Africa.


2 Responses to “Into the heart”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    do you have pics?

  2. Francisco Acosta Says:


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