Not the optimal way to do things

Our patient with the very low sodium and seizures has improved, but he occasionally has short convulsions. Last week, I asked for a repeat blood sodium test. The following day, I was told it was not drawn but “don’t worry, today it will happen”. This same line continued for three more days.

I tried to bribe people to run the test with sodas or snacks, but we could still not get it done. After one week, we gave up on our own lab and decided to send the sample to another hospital. Our lab technician agreed but stated that we must drop the sample off with them and they would send it out.

The following day we went to the lab looking for the result. To our surprise, the blood was still on the table!

Wow, we all just laughed in amazement. This is something that generally takes 60 minutes at home and we have been waiting for 8 days.

We then asked our interpreter to take the sample directly to the outside lab. At 9AM the following morning we had our answer, 127.


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