Fun teaching

Last week, we had a patient requiring a breathing tube. Unfortunately, he had many secretions in his lung and the tube continued to clog. We were forced to re-intubate on several occasions. Usually the anesthetist or I perform the procedure but I told the doctors and students it was time for them to step-up and try.

Dr. Marlene very hesitantly approached the child. I placed the laryngoscope in the patient’s mouth and moved out of the way. She grabbed the tube and gently placed it in the trachea on the first try. She smiled from ear to ear and said “That was the first time I have seen in the mouth like that”.

An hour later, the medical student Alice, got her turn. Again, she got it on her first try and was ecstatic.

One Response to “Fun teaching”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Learning from the best!

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