Timing could be better

While we were aggressively trying to resuscitate the premature infant, one of the resident doctors informed me that another neonate started having seizures.

I was feeling pessimistic and just asked two questions:

1)      Did we give any of his medicine incorrectly?

2)      How have we been preparing the formula?

Before the first question was answered, we discovered the night nurse had been mixing the formula at an incorrect concentration. We immediately dispatched a student to the lab with a blood sample in order to obtain a sodium test (they usually do not run tests at night so we had some convincing to do).

Within 90 minutes, we had the result….it was 98! This was the lowest sodium I had ever seen (normal is 135-145).

Several hectic hours later we had the seizures under control.


One Response to “Timing could be better”

  1. Liana McCabe Says:

    your life and work there is totally crazy. I’m sometimes just stunned by your posts. thanks for keeping all of us updated.

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