Isaac, my patient and friend, died today. I tried to remain composed, but when I pronounced him dead at 3:15 pm, I could not fight back the tears.

Isaac, I will always remember your smile.


3 Responses to “Goodbye”

  1. backpacksandstethascopes Says:

    Chris, I am so very sad to read this post today. I have been praying for Isaac. A few days ago when you wrote that post about finding him alone and crying and you held him while he was crying, I was just heart broken. I don’t know how you do the work you do. I’m sorry for you to have to experiences these losses. Each child is precious in their own way. I know you will never forget him.
    I am sad today after reading this post.
    ~Suzann Coite

  2. maryle22 Says:

    He was very lucky to have you as his doctor and as his friend. You made the last few weeks of his life so happy, and you gave him the best chance he could have gotten. You did great with him. Keep up the good work!

  3. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Keep you head up buddy, i know it is part of the job but you have help so many and let’s hope there are more victories like that!

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