Like a proud papa

Today was our “case conference”. At 8am, four students sat nervously at the front of the room, waiting to present their patients from the night. The first three students presented and were then aggressively questioned by the other supervising doctors. They all crumbled under pressure.

At 8:20, Leon, the medical student from our pediatric team, stepped to the front and said “Unfortunately, I had no patients overnight in the neonatal unit”. The supervising doctor from internal medicine seemed frustrated and said “Well, if you cannot tell us about a patient, you are going to answer some questions. Why don’t you tell us what you know about……uh, neonatal sepsis”

Leon smiled at me, paused for a brief moment to collect his thoughts, and then launched into a 20 minute, well-organized description on how to approach infection in the neonate. Everyone in the room was absolutely floored. He lectured on the topic as if he were a seasoned pediatrician or neonatologist.

As he left the podium, I applauded his efforts.


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