Staying grounded

Since arriving in Goma, I have encouraged the staff to call me for any urgent situation that makes them feel uncomfortable. I have also stressed to call earlier rather than later.

Today, at 8 am a resident doctor asked me to see a patient that was “vomiting blood profusely”. When I walked in the room, I expected to see a lethargic, pale child fading from life. Surprisingly, I saw a smiling boy, sitting in bed playing with his aunt. He had a nosebleed, we applied pressure and he was cured in 15 minutes.

A few hours later, I received a message “please come to the neonatal intensive care unit”. I rushed over, burst in the door and expected to find a blue infant getting chest compressions. However, all of the nurses and doctors were sitting around a mother, talking and laughing. They wanted to ask me a few questions about a baby having trouble breastfeeding.

At the end of both consultations, I thanked each person for calling me early. I enjoy taking care of extremely sick patients, but seeing the healthy ones in between keeps me a bit more grounded.


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