Was it inevitable?

At 6pm, I was called at home and asked to come urgently to the intensive care unit. No reason was given. I dressed quickly and ran to the hospital.

When I arrived, I saw the infant from yesterday’s resuscitation on the table with two resident doctors and a nurse frantically working on her. She had again become blue and had very weak pulses. We worked hard for 30 minutes, but could not bring her back.

The on-call resident and I immediately went to speak with the mother. She wailed loudly and her body gyrated uncontrollably. Her sobs echoed throughout the hospital and patients emerged from their rooms to see the commotion.

At one point the mother yelled “I have a dead baby and now a large hospital bill that I cannot afford”.

I began to feel horribly. The other doctors and nurses wanted to let the child die and I pushed them to continue lifesaving measures. I may have caused the family to assume a debt that is not easily overcome.


One Response to “Was it inevitable?”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    As long as you tried your best!

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