Not just yet

As I was leaving work tonight, a resident doctor asked me for help. A seven day old infant arrived and was very sick (septic shock). They tried multiple times to place an IV but were unsuccessful. She was now cyanotic (blue), there was no pulse (bad) and they were ready to tell her family she was dead.

When I initially saw her, she appeared critically ill. I did not try to place an IV but grabbed a needle for drawing blood and pushed it very hard into her shin bone. Within 30 seconds, we were able to give her fluids and antibiotics.

After two boluses of fluid, her pulse came back but it was weak. For two and a half hours, we continued to give lots of fluids and oxygen. By 7:30pm, the perfusion of blood to her extremities was adequate. When I felt a pulse in her foot, I jumped for joy.

We had a debriefing afterwards and two residents, two medical students and a nurse asked questions. It was cute how happy they were to participate in the resuscitation.


One Response to “Not just yet”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Happy to save a child life…what a hero!

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