Welcome to Miami

We arrived in Miami and began a short visit with Lisa’s aunt and uncle. They are very active in the community and have developed wonderful relationships with people from all walks of life.

Hours after we arrived, her uncle received a phone call from a man who recently had gastric bypass surgery. He was just hospitalized for weakness and was asking if someone could bring an extension cord to the hospital. We were quickly on our way.

When we arrived, the patient gave us a great smile. He was happy to have company and was eager to share that he had lost nearly 200 pounds in the two months since the surgery. He is now 605 pounds!

I spent an hour intently listening to his stories and dreams, and I was struck by the repeating theme of his anecdotes. He simply desires the basics in life. He was filled with hope that he would walk again. The idea of going to a movie theater was becoming more real. He did not want riches or fame. He just wants to do what normal people do.


One Response to “Welcome to Miami”

  1. Andrew Kinkella Says:

    Very impressive Chris! Nice to see someone from the old neighborhood doing such spectacular work. I wish you the safest and most comfortable of travels, and tell John to drop me a line sometime.

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