A Fourth of July Celebration to Remember

There were no beaches, barbeques, fireworks or alcohol at this party. This Independence Day was spent celebrating the birthday of Lisa’s aunt, Carmen. She is an 87 year-old with profound dementia. She does not speak and did not move or open her eyes throughout the entire ceremony.

Despite her disease, Carmen seemed to be an active participant in the festivities. She sat in a reclining chair facing the dining table. Great grandchildren sat in her lap and kissed her as we sang happy birthday. Her daughter gently caressed her arm throughout the night and softly spoke with her, relaying what events were taking place at her party.

Carmen is lucky to have such a caring and compassionate family.


One Response to “A Fourth of July Celebration to Remember”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Happy Birthday Carmen and she is blessed to have the family love her so much!

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