A long time coming

It has been many months since I have been scammed. Yesterday, I invited a group of four others to join Lisa and me for a drink. For the six of us, I ordered three beers. We had a great time, talking, laughing and very slowly drinking. After one hour, we only finished two beers but decided to leave. I approached the counter and asked for the bill. The owner typed on the calculator “360” yuan. That is approximately $50. I looked at him in surprise and he said that we were also obligated to pay for the tea brought to the table, the time spent at the table and the heating of the restaurant.
Frustrated, I handed him 80 yuan and walked out the door. He followed closely behind, yelling in a foreign tongue, so I motioned for him to come to our hotel. As soon as we arrived, our guide appeared. He spoke briefly to the man, told him to leave and apologized to me.
The next morning, I was told I should have paid a maximum of 40 yuan. Oh well, another lesson learned. 

2 Responses to “A long time coming”

  1. Nic and Cliff! Says:

    Hey!! Just catching up to you two on your wild adventure…sorry you got scammed Chris!! We miss you guys around here, but are excited you are having what seems to be a great time. We are holding down the fort, but the news on the streets are not looking good for the weekend. We will try to give you an update or any other news Saturday morning as we find out about things. Keep on laughing and having fun!
    Big hugs from all of us,
    nic, cliff & jailyn

  2. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Now you know, now there will be no next time.

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