Meet Binod

A few weeks ago, I wrote of Nepali street children using inhalant drugs. Most often they live a life characterized by persistent drug use, homelessness and violence. However, there is a rare exception and I would like you to meet him.

Binod started using cheap inhalant drugs at an early age. When he became a tour guide in his late teenage years, the job offered him good pay and flexibility so he graduated to more “serious” drugs. He say “there was not a drug I did not do; inhaled, smoked, snorted, swallowed and injected”. He “loved drugs more than anything else. More than family, more than marriage.”

After years of languishing on the streets and sleeping in Hindu temples, Binod decided enough was enough. He quit cold turkey and has now been completely sober for seven years. If that is not accomplishment enough, he is now a youth counselor for drug abuse and has been remarkably successful.



One Response to “Meet Binod”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Awesome, it is great to hear strong will stories!

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