Time to work in Nepal

Yesterday I was feeling better and went to work for the first day. I had only a slight limp.

The hospital is named Siddhi Memorial Hospital and is in Bhaktapur, a one hour cab drive from our house in Kathmandu. It is a pretty, three-storied, red brick building on the outskirts of the old town. It was founded in 1997 by Shyam. His son, Siddhi was struck by a truck in Bhaktapur and died in transport to a hospital in Kathmandu. Shyam, a non-medical professional, founded the facility so that other children could receive care locally.

The hospital has a 25 bed pediatric unit, an outpatient facility and numerous outreach programs. The acuity is much less than I have previously experienced, but they are progressing.

My first day on rounds we had a number of children with pneumonias and a few with typhoid fever. A one-month old presented with leg swelling. After x-rays, we discovered bilateral fractured femurs (broken thigh bones) and we learned that he she had a very traumatic birth. Her legs were out but she was unable to be delivered. The doctor pushed her back in and then did a c-section.

The ward is run by residents and supervised by a very competent professor of pediatrics. My role will be primarily teaching the residents in a lecture type setting.

Our hospital in Bhaktapur

Just outside our hospital

The tallest temple in Nepal is close to our hospital


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