Professionalism to the core

Each morning at 8:59, Ashok arrives at our hotel driveway with a smile. He drives us the 15 minutes to the hospital and drops us off at the entrance. In the afternoon, we travel to the other side of town and visit the gymnasium. He patiently waits in the stifling sun for one hour until we are finished.

Until yesterday, I thought Ashok was a good taxi driver. Today, I realized he was a great one. As we were returning home, a young man on a motorcycle recklessly raced by his side and cut him off. He calmly slowed and did not say a word.

Seconds later, we were at a stop light, directly next to the man on the motorcycle. I did not understand the conversation but it started with a “hello”, had a few remarks about being safe (the body movements were obvious) followed by some laughing, and ended with a smile and goodbye wave. This situation could have escalated easily, but Ashok’s professionalism buffered any tension and they had a light-hearted conversation.

Ashok in his rickshaw


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