I’ll buy that for a dollar

The places I work tend to be expensive. In the DR Congo, a meal can cost $30 per person and an apartment may rent for $2,500 a month. In East Timor, our hotel in Dili was a surprising $110 dollars per night and a bottle of good beer may cost $7.

Here in Vadodara, things are much cheaper. I went to a pizza restaurant with Lisa, Sangita (one of the supervising physicians) and eight residents. We all had a good meal including soup, unlimited salad bar and pizza, dessert and bottled water. The total was a whopping $37 for everyone!


2 Responses to “I’ll buy that for a dollar”

  1. Tom Says:

    The high prices in Goma and Baucau may be caused primarily by the presence of expatriates from both the UN peacekeeping operations and the development and humanitarian assistance missions. High demand relative to the relatively scarce facilities/supplies available will result in higher prices. Vadodara probably has a very small number of expatriates compared to the size of the local population.

  2. Sangita Trivedi Says:

    In almost all the Indian cities, food prices are comparable. You may get a very wide range depending on the type of hotel/restaurant you go.
    Staying overnight in a good hotel may cost as much as it costs in the US.

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