Gone before their time

Many patients have left the hospital in Vadodara “against medical advice”. The parents “choose” to leave despite the physicians telling them further treatment is necessary.

Attrition is often due to financial reasons. Medical care at the hospital is not free and if the family cannot afford a bill, they may request to remove life support and bring their child home. The patient will often die in transport or soon after arrival to the house.

Also, when the child has a high chance of being severely disabled, the parents may ask to take them off of life support. We recently had a child who went without oxygen to the brain for many minutes. He was stabilized but was likely going to have severe cerebral palsy. The family asked to withdraw care and bring the body home rather than continue treating him.


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  1. Sangita Says:


  2. Sangita Says:

    the medical care in the hospital is often times offered for free if family cannot afford it. But, this is limited to 30% of total admissions and generally offered to those who have a fair chance of survival without disability. Thus, decision is taken by the attending in individual case. This is a non-profit organization and its focus is to treat the children belonging to lower socio-economic stratum of society.

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