A confession

I have always been fond of dogs. As a child, I loved playing with Wimpy, our white and brown cocker spaniel, in the backyard. When I moved to New York City for medical school, I often found comfort visiting the dog park near Beth Israel Hospital. There is something relaxing about watching them run, play and bark. Canine innocence helps stress wither away.

India is teeming with dogs. Unfortunately, the dogs here do not always provide me with much comfort. They dart in and out of traffic and frequently are injured or killed. I can handle working all day in a room with 15 critically ill children, but each time a small puppy tries to cross a busy road, I inch closer and closer to a panic attack.

Sometimes I come across a pack of dogs hanging out on the side of the road away from traffic. I can then sit back, relax and watch them play.

A few of my buddies on the side of the road


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