Hatred seems popular these days

The news has been flooded with reports on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution. Each side seems to despise each other and little progress has been made in a peace deal.

Unfortunately, South Asia has not been immune to these feelings of disdain. India and Pakistan have been at odds for many years.

This morning I was baffled by an article in the sports section of the national paper. The title reads “This is a new low for Pakistan hockey”. At first, this may seem benign. The article then describes the semi-final matches between Australia-Holland and Germany-England. There is absolutely no mention of Pakistan in the text. This piece was about the road to the finals and had nothing to say about Pakistan or their team. The author, Ajitpal Singh, simply wanted to subtly perpetuate hate in the popular media and created an irrelevant, anger provoking title. If bilateral relations are going to improve, this type of childish, petty action must stop.

And, he did not mention that India is playing for seventh place in a match today.


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