Holy cow, what’s in the road?

Gandhi once said, “I worship (the cow) and I shall defend its worship against the whole world”

In India, the cow is a revered animal. It produces milk for dairy products, energy for field work and manure for fertilizer and fuel. Due to its venerated state, cows roam free without hassle. They often congregate in the busy streets and motorists stop and weave to avoid disturbing there leisurely stroll.

Most states in India (excluding West Bengal and Kerala) have outlawed the killing and sale of cow meat. Jail time has even been handed down for injuring the animal.

Just walking down the street


2 Responses to “Holy cow, what’s in the road?”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    i worship the cow in a way to fill the tummy!

  2. Morgan Says:

    So, I may just take this opportunity (while you’re there) to procrastinate form studying and tell you stores about my India trip – that relate to your blog postings.

    Once…I was walking down the street, behind a cow of course, so normal, and the cow started to defaecate. All of a sudden, this man, who was walking normally next to the cow as well, casually stuck his hand in the emerging feces and smeared a little bit on his forehead and a little on the cow’s tush, and just kept on walkin’…just another day. I can understand worshiping animals, but that just took it to a level I was not prepared to see!

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