Finally, some good teaching

I think I have found my purpose in India. I will be useful here teaching from the bedside and in a lecture format. They do not need another care provider.

This morning I rounded with one of the senior residents. We just reviewed the difficult cases and I taught on a few key points. We reviewed gross hematuria (lots of blood in the urine) and herpes encephalitis (herpes infection of the brain).

Later in the day I gave a lecture on congenital heart defects (this is the same talk I gave in the DR Congo where the supervising physician told me the topic was too complicated). It went beautifully. The physicians were engaged, asked questions, added anecdotes and challenged me on a few points. At the end, I felt people were happy and had learned about the different diseases affecting the heart.

Afterwards, I was asked to give lectures every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They have requested a number of topics and I must begin preparing. I hope they all go this well.


One Response to “Finally, some good teaching”

  1. Sangita Says:

    We were also very happy with your presence amongst us. And as you rightly figured out, it was a very positive interaction. You presented a vast and difficult topic in a simplified manner and that was the beauty of your presentation.
    I would like to be present as you round tomorrow, i might learn some good points again in terms of bedside teaching.
    Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity.

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