We flew to Vadodara in west India and I visited the children’s hospital for the first time yesterday morning. It is a simple, six-storied structure adjacent to a slum. Outside is bustling with people, animals and autos, but inside is a well-run hospital.

I first visited the neonatology intensive care unit. There were only seven patients but they were very ill. Two infants were on mechanical ventilators (I have not seen one for eight months) and both were receiving medicines to keep their hearts going. They were also on potent antibiotics that I rarely used in the United States.

I then toured the pediatric intensive care unit. Again, all of the children had complicated diseases and were being managed with tremendous care.

I was surprised. Despite the rough exterior of the hospital, the residents (doctors in training) were brilliant, the resources of the facility were impressive and the patients were receiving excellent care.

Children's Hospital, Vadodara

Slum outside the hospital


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