The day after writing about my change in the treatment of malnutrition (Feb 12th), Andi presented to the hospital. He was emaciated, severely dehydrated and was without strength. Blinking his eyes seemed to be a tremendous task and he did not move for the insertion of the IV cannula. He was extremely ill and I feared he would die on the first evening.

We treated him with very strong antibiotics and began slowing feeding him. Each morning I interrogated the father about the timing of the feeds and the amount. On the third day, the father made a mistake and gave the incorrect quantity of formula. I quickly launched into a lecture about how important it was for him to remain focused, listen carefully to directions and report any anomalies. I did not realize until later, but I was treating him as though he was my employee. Later, I felt bad for being too harsh.

Andi is now doing very well and the father is caring for him wonderfully.

Andi a few days after admission

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