Jobs of all kinds

I have witnessed plenty of interesting and abnormal jobs throughout the past few years. This morning, I added two more to the list. As I ventured out of my hotel room, I saw a young man at the bottom of the pool. He was lying flat on the bottom, with weights countering his buoyancy, and scrubbing the tile with a toothbrush sized contraption. He held his breath for minutes at a time and surfaced just for a brief inhalation. Then back down he went, over and over for multiple hours.

As I watched the underwater man, I noticed an elderly gentleman squatting on the grass less than 20 feet from the pool. He was armed with a pair of sheers and was meticulously cutting the grass. It appeared he was cutting just a few blades at a time. After a full day’s work, he had groomed a 10 by 10 foot patch of grass.


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