A bit of follow-up

Agostino, the young man with anemia I wrote about on Jan 27th, returned for his follow-up appointment. He felt great, was eating more diverse foods and was religiously taking his medicine. His hemoglobin was 8! Soon it will be normal.

Manuel, the infant I wrote about on Feb 4th was transferred to Dili for surgical evaluation. He showed no improvement with medicine.

Janio, the boy I wrote about on Feb 9th, has recovered from his intestinal disease and malnutrition. As he was getting better, he developed consistent cough and fever. Regular antibiotics did not work and we were forced to start him on medicine for tuberculosis.

Paulo, the boy I wrote about on Feb 10th is doing better. He improved from his diarrheal illness but unfortunately developed a large abscess (collection of pus) at the site of one of his injections. We cleaned it out today. It reaches the muscle but has not spread further over the past two days.


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