My partner in crime

Lisa has been by my side for years and she stuck with me as I matured as a physician and person. We have travelled often together and are taking this international medical journey side-by-side. 

Each day, Lisa rounds with me helping with translation, follows-up on sick children and will often help guide therapy. She frequently recommends things such as changing a patient to oral antibiotics, stopping IV fluids, changing the feeding regimen, checking a patient more frequently, trying a different approach to teaching a family or changing the oxygen delivery tubing. And yes, she is always correct. 

I am unsure if I could tolerate working and living alone in the remote developing world without Lisa. She gives me a sense of calmness and normalcy, and I am very lucky to have her in my life. 

Below are my favorite pictures of her over the last few years: 

Just after we first met


Just after we moved to San Francisco


On assignment in the Dominican Republic


On vacation in Mendocino


Lisa and me just hanging out


2 Responses to “My partner in crime”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    You are such a lucky man!!

  2. Sarah Says:

    this is so sweet – I love it! xx

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