A fun afternoon

Yesterday after work, Lisa and I decided to take a trip to the beach. We made our way down the seven kilometer, winding path and set-up our beach chairs and popped open our cold drinks.

It was perfect. The sun was out and there was not another soul on the beach. We just relaxed and watched the waves.

About 45 tranquil minutes later, it started to drizzle. Then came the downpour. We initially took cover under a tree but nothing could stop the mass of water falling from the sky. We decided to embrace the rain and returned to the beach. It was even more fun. You could hear nothing but a low-pitched rumble and see only through squinted eyes. We ran around like little kids.

After 10 or so minutes, the coldness came and we found refuge in the shallow ocean water. Both of us gasped as we sat on the sand. The warm ocean was like our own personal hot tub. It felt so nice. 

An hour after the sun scurried away, it returned and we continued on our memorable day.


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