A decision I cannot fathom

is always a difficult decision when to transfer a patient to another facility. Often the new hospital is far from the family home and the outcomes after transfer are unknown.

Recently I decided to transfer a patient to Dili. When the family heard of the decision, they initially refused. The patient was very ill and had a chance of dying. They were concerned because they had no money to transport the body back.  We told them of the benefits of seeking further care in the capital but stated that we would be happy to continue treatment in Baucau if they chose to stay.

After an extensive family conference (minus the mother who recently died) they decided to risk their life savings and seek the best care to save their loved ones life. I cannot fathom making a decision such as this.


One Response to “A decision I cannot fathom”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    That is why a decision like this is already in my will. No double guessing needed. It is in black and white.

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