The ride to Baucau

What do you get when you mix an Indonesian who lived in the Netherlands, a Timorese man who lived in Portugal, a Congolese man living Baucau, a Puerto Rican who lived in Pennsylvania and me?

One harrowing ride from Dili to Baucau.

The moment we left the capital crammed into the backseat of a UN pick-up truck, I could see why a ride to the East was so difficult to find. The road was narrow, winding and was perched on a cliff over jagged rocks below. Children darted from one side to the other and animals paraded down the road. Approximately 20 minutes into the journey, a small puppy darted in front of our car and our driver slammed the brakes and quickly swerved. Unfortunately there was nothing else for him to do and we ran the dog over.

The remainder of the ride, I sat quietly with my eyes closed and finally drifted off to sleep. Tomorrow will be a new day.


One Response to “The ride to Baucau”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Give you a new meaning for country side ride!

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