Can you make change?

Please see post “Power struggle”.

I have been attempting to help decrease sexism at the hospital. As I was preparing for the 3pm Monday lecture, I told the female physicians that I wanted to serve the snacks in their stead. After a brief moment of surprise, they conceded.

As each physician entered the room, I solicited their request. Peanuts or sandwich? Coke, Sprite or water? Everyone answered with a grin and seemed extremely grateful for my brief service.

I began my lecture a bit late. I was anxious to see what would transpire as people arrived after I started speaking. Who would rise to the occasion and distribute the snacks?

To my wonderful surprise, two male supervising physicians left their seats and began serving. I immediately thought “they have taken my lead and we transcended social inequalities in such a short time”. I was floating on cloud nine when I returned home that evening.

The next Monday I arrived to the lecture slightly early and sat silently. I eagerly awaited results of this small social experiment. As people arrived, they too sat silently for a few moments. Then, in synchronized fashion, the two female physicians stood and began to serve their male colleagues.

I guess change does not come that easily after all 🙂


One Response to “Can you make change?”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Some habits are hard to break. I myself pull whatever left of my hair when it comes to my kids changing some habits. I forget that i was a young pup and should be understanding that when we want a change we are creatures of habit and have to continue to teach to accomplish our goals for others.

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