Story from another day

See “A strange 24 hours” from November 14th.

Just after our arrival in Kigali with the chimpanzee bite victim, we were greeted by the attending orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Alex. He approached the bedside in crisply pressed, dark green military fatigues, polished black boots with a brilliant shine and a fashionable beret slightly tilted to the side. His shoulders were back, his chest perched out and all of his movements seemed well calculated. He was silent for a few moments and then said to the orthopedic resident “Tell me what bacteria are transmitted in a chimpanzee bite and what antibiotics must we use”. Dr. Alex was a man in charge and commanded respect.

Upon finishing his interrogation of the junior physician, he focused his attention on the patient and me. A sense of relaxation appeared in his eyes and he spoke in a gentle, compassionate tone. He asked questions and carefully explained his thoughts. He then extracted his cellular phone from his pocket and showed us a picture album of his recent work. I immediately knew we were going to receive quality surgical care.

As Dr. Alex finished his assessment, he gave a sincere handshake and said goodbye. While walking out the door, he turned around and, with a deadpan face, said one of the funniest things I have ever heard. The patient and I burst in to uncontrolled laughter. 

And no, I cannot repeat what he said on this blog.


One Response to “Story from another day”

  1. Melissa Sullivan Says:

    You will just have to tell us over sushi and sake!

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