You’re not leaving here!

There is a different policy here at the hospital. If a patient is unable to pay for the bill, the hospital will not discharge them or advance their care. I am supervising a healthy, well nourished child in the neonatal unit. He remains in his crib, day after day, waiting for his mother to pay the charges. The mother has no money and remains at the hospital, day after day, breastfeeding her child and hoping for a miracle. As you may have guessed, the bill continues to grow, creating an even greater financial burden for the mother.

We have another patient who suffered spinal trauma after a gunshot wound. She had surgery but is now waiting for rehabilitation. The catch: she must pay for services prior to starting physical therapy. She has now been bedridden at the hospital for eight weeks, waiting for funding, and there has been no progression in her care.

If the hospital did not charge for patient care, it would fall quickly in to financial ruin. They need to recover costs somehow but I am unsure if keeping a patient hospitalized as human collateral is the ideal method.


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