Free Time

While not working, I spend most of my time at “home”, a beautiful compound on Lake Kivu named Maji Matulivu. The grounds are lush and well manicured. There is a small stone promenade near the lake perfect for a sunset stroll.

I live with Lisa and two physical therapists from San Francisco, Laura and Loran. We prepare breakfast each morning with bread and a variety of fresh fruits. The passion fruit is like a taste of heaven. Each evening when we return home we have dinner together. Laura, a former vegan chef, prepares fantastic meals from rudimentary ingredients. Last night, we had pasta with tuna and a variety of vegetables. I had three healthy portions.

We have met many people at the hospital. They are all local staff but some of them speak English. I do need a translator much of the time to translate from French or Swahili. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, and I plan to have dinner with a Congolese medical student on Thursday.

I try to exercise each day with a few random weights in the attic. It is a nice time to be alone and enjoy the silence.

Also, I spend a bit of time thinking. I sit in my room, on the balcony of the apartment or near the water. I have a computer with me and write frequently. Once the thoughts are on the page, I can let the difficult images go. I always feel refreshed after writing.

I hope to start reading more. I have a few books my grandmother gave me itching to get off the shelf. A little fiction right now would hit the spot.


One Response to “Free Time”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    I really hoped you get the rest needed. Here i was hoping to get back into hoops when you were in the bay. I have played with Khattab and Malik from school on basketball teams but do whatever it takes to clear your mind. I see that you see things as painful as cops do on freeways. Take care!

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